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Uganda and surrounding countries have been ravaged by HIV/AIDs, resulting in millions of orphaned children.  We seek to support these kids by providing basic necessities like food and shelter in a safe environment.


Primary education is a community effort in many parts of Uganda.  The children at the orphanage are schooled until the time that they can take entrance exams into middles school.

A Little about us...

Lisa Hernandez


I met Elijah almost 3 years ago. A mutual friend brought him to Morning Glory which is a ministry that serves breakfast to the homeless and those in need in Milwaukee.  Morning Glory was a program started by my mother which I ran for 8 years.  Elijah and I were able to talk briefly and became friends.  We stayed in touch and Elijah's ministry always stayed close to my heart. 

I have 3 dogs, 2 cats, 1 bird, 1 turtle and a husband Tony. 😊 We have been married 4.5 years. He has 4 grown boys from a previous marriage. We enjoy helping people and being involved with our church.

Ryan Gartman


I first met Elijah through the Sheboygan Rotary Club and we had the opportunity to open our home to him for a short time.  Since then we have been annual supporters, but most recently I connected him to our church who has taken an interest in the mission as well.  

I am a CPA in Sheboygan, WI.  It's a privilege to consult, advise and comply with tax and financial reporting with my clients.  My wife is a teacher locally and I have a 22 year old graduating in social work, 19 year old studying engineering an a sophomore in high school.  I serve as treasurer of a foundation in Sheboygan and also a Christian based drug and alcohol rehab center and living facility.  

Andy Ramaker

I learned about Pastor Elijah and Living Hope Uganda thru our church, First Reformed Church in Oostburg, WI, as he is one of our missionaries we support on a yearly basis. I got to personally meet Elijah when he came one evening to meet with the deacons of our church and share his testimony. Our family has a heart for missionaries in Africa!  In 2011, we were able to visit a classmate who was part of a medical missionary group in Kenya.  

Our family lives in Oostburg, WI.  I am married to my wife Kim.  We have two girls, ages 14 and 11.  I am in the construction industry and my wife is a kindergarten teacher.  

Kelcy Bouma

All About Kelcy

Randy Hand


Elijah and I met by chance in 2012.  We were looking for foreign missions to support at our church and I suggested we bring Elijah over to speak at our missions weekend.  He came and stayed with us and shared his testimony and presented his mission.  We have helped to raise money for a well and dormitory on site.  I visited Elijah in Uganda in 2017 and got to spend time with the kids at the orphange.  You can see more about that visit here:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p-gKlk41sOg&t=467s 

I am in the technology industry and live in Atlanta, GA.  I have been married to my wonderful wife for 21 years and we have 2 kids and 2 dogs to keep us busy.

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