Living Hope Uganda

Living Hope Uganda is one of the ministries we support.  Pastor Elijah from LHU talks about the needs of the orphanage during a visit in 2019.

About living hope uganda



Changing Lives, Transforming Communities in Uganda!


Educating orphans & Poor children
Evangelism & Church Planting
Life-Time Skills Empowerment
HIV Counselling & Career guidance.
Poverty Alleviation in poor households



Our work began in 2006. We began by providing educational materials, food and medical to 35 poor children in Luwafu Zone, Makindye Division a Kampala suburb. Over the years Living Hope has learned the complex in finding solutions to breaking the cycle of poverty in developing countries like Uganda.

LHU programs

LHU provides a dormitory and education for 200+ children on the outskirts of Kampala, Uganda.

The Children

 Living Hope Junior Academy started in 2007 with a vision to give education to orphans and poor children whose parents died of HIV/AIDS and other natural diseases. The school runs from Kindergarten to grade 7 with a total of 200 Children.We realized the need for a school because of the increasing number of orphans and needy children in this community, we thought that the only way we could help these children is to give them education in a way to shape their future. Whenever education promotes children's dignity- their innate belief that they have a place in the world and a contribution to make to it- a new generation of young people can play an active tole in creating healthier families, stronger local communities, and positive global change.

Past Successes

In the past years, LHU has been hard at work providing for the needs of these children.  This includes the training of each child in elementary education.  Other projects include a well, new dormitory, beds for each child, and a perimeter fence for safety.  But the needs are continuous and your support is needed to provide for something as simple as meal for daily nutrition for the children.

How can you help

You can help by praying for these children and the people trying to protect them, by donating to support them, or contacting us for more ways to help.

About Uganda


Uganda Youth

Uganda is a very youthful country with 65% of the population less than 18 years old.  These kids are the future of Uganda and will be empowered through education and provisioning of basic needs.  The time to invest is now.  There is a poor to non-existent primary education system, meaning that grass-roots efforts like LHU are critical to educate the youth.

Impact of HIV/AIDS

Uganda is heavily impacted by HIV, resulting in 2M+ orphaned children.

Uganda economy

Uganda is a very poor country, with $615 per capita GDP.  This ranks in the lower 5% of world average.  Even so, Uganda is still a refugee destination for Somalia, Sudan, Congo, and Rwanda.  These refugees are often escaping strife in their home country and have practically nothing when they arrive.